Welcome to Whole Grain Games! This site is dedicated to providing crunchy bits of rules, campaign ideas, monsters, etc. to inspire you in your games. Maybe you’ll find house rules which solve a sticky situation or inspire an encounter to showcase them.  Maybe you’ll discover the perfect magic item or get an idea for your own. I’ve created this blog to give myself a creative outlet besides my campaign, and I hope you find it a useful resource.

My primary focus is 3.5 edition Dungeons and Dragons. Any posts related to a specific system will be built for 3.5 D&D. I will try to provide mostly “crunchy” posts, posts full of specifics, and refrain from speculating about Fourth Edition D&D, relative merits of game systems or the future of tabletop gaming in general.


3 Responses to “About”

  1. asmor Says:

    Do you want a link from Encounter-a-Day?

  2. Tommi Says:

    Weasel, wrt brainstorming: I invited you to gmail chat/friends list. If it doesn’t come through, do tell.

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