It’s a classic, but it’s hilarious every time: the backfiring wand of fireballs. I almost never give out genuinely cursed items in my game, so this really took the players by surprise.

Description: This slender ebony wand identifies as a wand of fireballs (caster level 8) with a full 50 charges. When used, the fireball detonates in the square it was fired from. Any character using identify on this item may make a Spellcraft check (DC 25) to discover its curse.

Because it has a full 50 charges players should be tempted to use this item often instead of saving it for desperate fights. This reduces the chance they will cripple themselves in the process, leading to laughter instead of anger. (I would also consider changing the curse on the fly to be “fizzling” if the party attempted to use it when they were in a very bad way).

I think this item can really lighten up a game. I actually laughed out loud when my group decided to give it to the party bard because he felt like he wasn’t contributing enough in combat. Like all cursed items, though, it should be handled with care.