Elvira’s Rainbow was crafted for the fairy princess Elvira by her doting grandfather. It is a beautifully crafted silver shortsword. The blade is extremely narrow and thin, but strong and flexible. It shimmers with a rainbow light as prismatic colors dance within the metal. The pommel is set with five round stones: emerald, ruby, amethyst, sapphire, and yellow diamond.
This sword functions as a +1 shortsword (with the silver property for damage reduction purposes). As a free action, the wielder of this sword can cause it to gain one of the following attributes and may switch between them with a free action: fiery, cold, acidic, shocking, or holy light. Each attribute does 1d6 energy damage.
Elvira’s Rainbow was crafted to grow with the fairy princess. It automatically becomes Small or Medium sized when held by a Small or Medium sized creature.