This ring appears as a plain, tarnished silver band. No amount of polishing will ever removed the tarnish. Under detect magic a faint aura of necromancy is discernible. When worn, the wearer feels empathetically that the ring thirsts for the blood flowing through their finger.
The wearer has the option of allowing the ring to drink a small portion, or denying it. If the wearer chooses to allow the ring to drink of their blood, they suffer 1 pt of Constitution damage over the course of a minute and the ring becomes “charged”. While the ring is charged and on their finger, this point of ability damage cannot be restored by any means. If the ring is removed for any reason it loses its charge.
As a free action the wearer may choose to expend the charge in the ring to increase the potency of one ability. The wearer adds 1d6 to any roll for attack, weapon damage, spell damage or healing, skill or saving throw.